Professor/ Faculty

IAS Academy carries a unique and distinctive identity among top Academy’s owing to its strong emphasis on combining academic rigor and relevance, and maintaining plurality and diversity in form, content and methodology. It has been the home for some of the finest scholars India has produced in the past several decades. The faculty members fall in one of the following academic groups.

Our Professors Are:
Sl. No. Name Qualifications & Experience Designation
1 Mr. Swapan Kumar Das MBA, B.Tech, Ex- Engineer Ministry of Railway . President
2 Advocate Arka Banerjee LLM,LLB, MJMC, MBA( IT), PGDM,CFA, BCA(Hons) 12 years above Experience, Guest Faculty in Ministry of Finance. Secretary & CEO
3 Dr. D. Chowdhury PHD , MSC, 22 years above Experience. Principal
4 Dr. P. Mukherjee DHMS, B.Sc, DMLT, 10 years above Experience as Doctor. HOD - Paramedical
5 Miss. D. Roy MBA(H.R), BBA, 10 years above Experience. HOD - Management
6 Miss. Ritesa Chowdhury M.Sc (Biochem), B.Sc (Hons), DMLT HOD- Biochem
7 Mrs. Susmita Mukherjee MA(Eng. Hons.) , BA Lecturer
8 Mrs. Suparna Mukherjee M.Sc(Biology) , B.Ed Lecturer
9 Mrs. Sarmistha Ghosh M.Sc(MicroBio) B.Ed Lecturer
10 Mr. P. Das MBA, B.Com 5 years above Experience Lecturer
11 Mrs. D. Banerjee M.Sc, B.Sc, Pursuing Phd. Lecturer
12 Mr. S. Mitra MA, BA-Geography Lecturer
13 Dr. Tanmoy Goswami DHMS, DMLT Lecturer
14 Mr. Ajay Kr. Banerjee MA-English. Retired Govt. Officer. Lecturer
15 Dr. A. Roy MBBS Lecturer
Apart from those we have from various industries.

Office Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Mrs. Sarmistha Ghosh Public Relation Manager
2 Miss. Nandini Das Sharma Senior Counsellor
3 Mrs. Anamika Jr. Counsellor
4 Mr. Sukumar Das Office Executive